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Yard Clean Up Phoenix

Lawn & Yard Clean Up

Yard clean-ups are first service, one-time engagements.  Yard clean-ups include trimming all shrubs, trees, edging and mowing of the turf, total weed removal, granite raking and blowing, and the removal of all landscape debris.

In Arizona keeping a green and healthy lawn takes a lot of work.  In our hot, dry summers we have to ensure proper water and nutrients to keep the grass from drying and becoming yellow.  In the winter we have to oversee to create a green yard that can be enjoyed during our amazing winter and spring. 

Most home owners don't have the time or know how to keep their yard in tip top shape year round.  The good news is that Desert Vine does have the knowhow and time.  When you use Desert Vine, you ensure that your yard is usable year round and serves as a great outdoor area for your family.

We specialize in:

  • New Law Installations
  • Tiff Style Yards
  • Lawn Aeration
  • Lawn Fertilizing
  • Winter Lawn Installation
  • Lawn Removals
  • Lawn Over-seeding
  • Lawn De-thatching