Irrigation Repair & Install

Our irrigation experts will install, replace or repair most irrigation and sprinkler systems. Our technicians have experience with most brands of residential and commercial irrigation equipment. Whether it’s a busted sprinkler, a leaky drip system or a complete new irrigation system install our team can handle the job.

Irrigation Repair and Install

At Desert Vine we believe every irrigation system should operate at maximum efficiency and capacity.

We work to help conserve AZ’s water resources while ensuring your landscaping looks beautiful year round. We offer Affordable Pricing and have been in business for 20 years. All our work is covered by a 1 YEAR GUARANTEE and we are A+ Accredited with the BBB.


Licensed Contractor

We retain Four Consolidated Licenses with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors, Landscaping & Irrigation for Residential & Commercial properties.

Licensed by the Registrar of Contractors, services range from maintenance and clean-up, to complete renovation and remodeling.


Our Irrigation Services

We provide irrigation services to central Phoenix, north Phoenix, central Scottsdale and north Scottsdale. We are centrally located in the Moon Valley alcove of north central phoenix.

Our irrigation team repairs, installs, and replaces desert irrigation systems. This includes sprinkler systems, drip systems and flood irrigation. Our irrigation technicians are highly experienced and work with most irrigation systems. They are skilled at installing control systems and helping you achieve maximum coverage with the smallest amount of water.

If you are interested in getting a quote for irrigation services please give us a call. We provide free estimates and will work with you to help right size your project budget. We have technicians running 5 days a week and can typically get a repair technician to your location within 48 hours.

Irrigation System Install

Complete Irrigation System Install for all type of residential properties.

Timers and Controllers

Setup, install and repair of automated irrigation control systems.

Shut Off Valves

Install and repair of irrigation shut off valves

Valve Location

Repair and location of faulty irrigation valve. Includes on-sight inspection of irrigation system.

Main Supply Line

Irrigation Line may take several days for trenching, spag 1/4″ Pipe and emitters to be connected to all shrubs, trees etc.

Sprinkler Repair

Install and Repair in-ground sprinkler systems.

In Ground Valves

Repair and installation of all electronic irrigation valves.

Anti Siphon Valve

Repair and Installation of anti-siphon valves.

Water Conservation

Install and repair of irrigation systems that help to conserve water and improve delivery of water to vegitation.

Schedule 40 PVC

We replace all existing main supply lines with new schedule 40 PVC. Much stronger than the existing old black poly pipe.

Drip System Repair

Repair and installation of all types of residential irrigation drip systems.

Pressure Regulators

Install and repair of irrigation pressure regulators

Hose Big & Spigot Repair

Install and repair of hose bibs and spigots

Flood Irrigation

Valve Repair and water delivery optimization of flood irrigation systems for central Phoenix, Moon Valley and Arcadia areas.

Other Irrigation Services


Sprinkler Repair


Sprinkler Head Repair


Sprinkler Pipe Repair


Sprinkler System Install


Sprinkler Change Out


Main Line Repair


Main Supply Line Repair


Drip System Install


Drip System Repair


Drip System Leaks


Drip Line Install


Drip Line Repair


Poly Line Install and Repair


Black Poly Line Repair


Irrigation System Timers


Irrigation Control Boxes


Water Conservation Systems


Backflow Prevention


Backflow Valves


Hose Bib and Spigot Repair


Flood Irrigation Repair


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